Mobile connection of qualified sales representatives

There are a multitude of processes in which the qualified sales representatives are connected to a mobile SAP backend. Not only in the service, but also in the distribution, test engineers, and many others perform an activity outside that needs to report.

This should be possible without delay, comfortable, safe and of course also be done as accurate as possible. We have developed a standardized software tool kit, which can implement these requirements individually and economically.

Paradigma is a specialist in mobile solutions, based on SAP Mobile Infrastructure

  • Flexible and extendible service-, sales- or test reports on equipment level
  • Integration of SAP add-ons of the customer in the process cycles
  • Controlling by appointment and task planning for the sales representatives
  • High information density and data quality from and to the backend
  • Connections of downstream processes in third-party systems

Especially in service and maintenance it is a great facilitation at work and a guarantee of high data quality, in the event of a connection of the technician at the backend.