Content Management System and Migration Workbench for ALM data

Plant structures, maintenance schedules and instructions – easily and conveniently generate with


The documentation provides the basis for optimal maintenance management of machinery and equipment: Maintenance-friendly system structures, maintenance plans, process descriptions and relevant pieces of information must be provided by the equipment suppliers.

MRO|ASSIST is a convenient tool for the construction of a maintenance database. You define "maintenance records" for individual components, including all relevant information. By drag and drop or controlled by the structure of a system configurator, the machinery is configured. The system automatically collect and edit all maintenance information for the machinery. The information can of course be printed and comply all legal regulations in this way. However, the database provides a considerable amount more features.

Data usage in maintenance management systems
The absolute highlight of MRO|ASSIST is the possibility, import data in systems such as SAP PM directly. As a result the manufacturer’s machinery structure and maintenance information can be used immediately by the operator. These circumstances save the collection of data for several man-months, and allow the best use of SAP PM.

Determination of TCO
Often before purchasing, statements about maintenance efforts must be made. Which spare and wear parts are needed? How long are the maintenance-related downtimes? What qualifications are required, etc.? The collection of all relevant information for conventional documentation is extremely time-consuming. With MRO|ASSIST you get these information at your fingertips.

Evaluation according to various criteria
Is there a issue of a special instruction for cleaning staff or for other foreign firms? What tools are needed for a maintenance, which might take 5,000 hours, etc.? Thanks to the database structure of MRO|ASSIST you can pull out details automatically.

Realisation of customer requirements
Especially in the automotive industry, it is common for each company to lay down its own regulations regarding the maintenance documentation. From the MRO|ASSIST database you can generate various documents, which refer to a single source.

Editorial via the internet
Most customers demand total maintenance plans today. It cannot be accepted that the customers have to search the different details of a maintenance interval from different documents. Via MRO|ASSIST you can give suppliers the possibility to collect and enter the maintenance information directly via the Internet in the maintenance database. That procedure saves you the trouble, to collect details of the suppliers’ documentation with difficulty and to enter information into own documents.

MRO|ASSIST is suitable for the documentation department of manufacturers, but also for the planning process of plant operators. In both cases you save lots of time thanks to the user convenience, practical functions for multiple use of modules and meaningful automatisms.