Maintenance planning, management and execution, based on SAP PM (EAM)

Easy to use

PM|ASSIST makes a user interface available to the technician, featuring the functions that he requires. The technicians use the software maybe half an hour a day compared to a planner who spends most of his time in front of the screen. This considers PM|ASSIST, function selection and user guide are based exactly on demand.

Mobile connection

The often low acceptance among engineers is not up to the interface. Often it is simply too expensive, to get from the point of action to the next computer. Via a mobile connectivity with a laptop, tablet PC, PDA or Smartphone per WLAN or UMTS the inhibition threshold is dropping to use the computer. Processing times are reduced and error sources are interrupted by a media break.

Technical support

Moreover PM|ASSIST makes additional technical information available. That is, the technicians receive additional benefit by the use of system. This verifiable enhance the quality of submissions and in future the quality of system data.