Partners of Paradigma Software GmbH

For the development of our products, the exchange of experiences with practicians and for the optimal implementation of the customers’ projects, we work with partners who are experts on the subjects.

Warranty Solutions

Warranty Solutions is a web portal for the warranty procedure of commercial kitchen technique. The used software is based on the Machine|ASSIST service portal.

Schwenkert, Kastenhuber und Partner

Schwenkert, Kastenhuber und Partner GmbH is a full-service marketing communications agency. The agency is primarily specializing in investment goods. From the positioning of your company to the product advertising to after sales.

Seinschedt Service Consulting

SSC is a specialist in the optimization of service and maintenance for machine tools.

Hochschule Furtwangen

The university in Furtwangen coaches the students in the Master's programme in Industrial Engineering with the help of Service Management System Machine|ASSIST.


The development of ASSIST software suite was funded by the IBB under the innovation programme 2001–2009.


Paradigma Software is VDMA member. We are involved in the working groups which have a focus on documentation and service.