Knowledge Management

Especially in the service and maintenance process of machines and plants a wealth of information is just required for the optimal execution of tasks. In addition, at daily work a variety of new information occur. The trick is to build up a system in which everybody knows what he can find somewhere and what he has to store there. In the second step, a practical system must provide information as required. Active, by yourself, without a long search!

Acceptance of report
In which configuration state is the machine?

  • Parts lists
  • Drawings
  • Test reports
  • Was ist an der Maschine bzw. an der betroffenen Baugruppe bisher geschehen

Have there been similar cases on other machines?

Which diagnostic and repair measures led to the success?

Order planning
Which spare parts, wear parts, tools or other materials
are needed?

Execution of an order
Practicable information structures

Event-based information delivery
A technician stands in front of a certain plant with a specific task. Machine|ASSIST recognizes this situation, which documents are allocated to the affected module, respectively, to the process. Machine|ASSIST offers the documents automatically.