Optimize your SAP PM

With SAP performance management you have a powerful tool for the maintenance planning and execution.

The optimal use in the maintenance usually fails because of 2 problems:

1. Insufficient data quality
This usually already starts at the structure dissolving. If this isn't fine enough, the assignment of reports and orders and also the possible evaluations are unsatisfactory for the technician. You can pursue the behavior of critical assemblies only when these are shown in the system. The recording of these data should be carried out with the installation of a plant.

2. The user interface is little kind for technicians
The technician on site needs only a small portion from the complete PM scope of services. He uses SAP performance management only sporadically. The wealth of the not required possibilities deters rather him. In turn if the data aren't carefully recorded in the business, the data quality suffers. The system isn't accepted and loses the use.