Service portal with Machine|ASSIST

The service portal for machine and plant construction

  • improves customer satisfaction
  • increases the efficiency of service and
  • reduces costs

MACHINE|ASSIST - the universal platform for your service

MACHINE|ASSIST is the ideal platform for all service processes. MACHINE|ASSIST speeds up the processing, improves the service quality, increases the availability of machine and is providing visibility about all the service events. MACHINE|ASSIST enables you to offer new service features, to make your service more predictable and to increase the business activities.

MACHINE|ASSIST manages your entire service process

Indication processing, resource planning, placing and acceptance of order, automatic messaging via e-mail and SMS, mobile use with UMTS: at any time you have an overview of all open messages, ongoing service contracts, warranties and the degree of utilization of your technician.

MACHINE|ASSIST provides a centre for the entire data management. With integrated authorization system and without data entry twice, with fast final payment and complete documentation.

Client Login:
With a special login your customers can enter service requests, a competent technician is automatically notified, he can analyze the problem by the service portal, measured by means of web-enabled computer, and he can possibly resolve the problem by remote service. At any time your customer is informed about the status of the order. You save unnecessary callbacks, time and cost, the client saves machine downtime.

MACHINE|ASSIST: basis for central service information management

Save the data on the service platform and find all information about all machines and customers. Where is the machine, that how is it used? The entire machine history and answers to the questions of somebody did what and when. Bills of materials, drawings, circuit diagrams, documentation, acceptance reports, you can store all information, interested for the service. A error messages database and the integrated knowledge management provide event-based service information. That is, you enter data into the system, what has happened. The system automatically provides all necessary information and you get proposals for solution.

You save time in diagnosing and troubleshooting. The technicians don’t have to make every experience more than once. Often problems can be solved over the phone.

MACHINE|ASSIST provides the platform for condition monitoring

You can monitor specified machine conditions by the service portal. About the OPC interface, most controllers can be connected. The MACHINE|ASSIST OPC client can be configured in such a way, that only service-relevant messages are reported in the portal. For monitoring the bearings and specifically for spindles we offer an OPC interface to frequency analysis sensors. With an integrable WebCam your service technician can get an idea of machine condition from a distance, in the truest sense of the word. By certain pre-definable alarm conditions, the portal automatically triggers an alarm. So that you can offer your customers condition-based maintenance in the framework of a service contract.

MACHINE|ASSIST integrates remote service

With the service router of our partner Exor you can offer remote service on the portal too. According to requirements the service technician establishes a remote connection via VPN – all we need is a click of the mouse – and he solves the problem through this. The technician comments about the remote session, and terminates the connection. In the machine history the session is logged with a beginning and an end. With these data an invoice can be immediately written.

All key figures and analyzes

In the portal, all essential data and events of the machine life are recorded. Thus, there is the basis for all economic and technical analyzes. Availability, service response time, MTBF, MTTR, open messages, open orders, most common causes of malfunction, susceptible assemblies, everything of interest is up to date at the push of a bottom.

Your platform for e-business (optional)

On the basis of parts lists and convenient drawings you simple create with MACHINE|ASSIST interactive spare parts and accessories catalogs. With individual customer login, graphical range of products, shopping cart, order history and availability display, you can offer your customers a very comfortable ordering. You avoid wrong orders and simplify the complete handling.

The ERP environment

MACHINE|ASSIST has interfaces available to all major ERP systems. On demand MACHINE|ASSIST can hold a portion of the data directly, for example in SAP. There is no redundant data management, no double data entry and no media break in the process.