The maintenance Digital Twin


Your customers demand tailored maintenance documentation. On paper or in Excel tables. Often this data is then entered laboriously into the customer’s ALM systems

With MRO | ASSIST, you create maintenance data tailored for each plant – a Maintenance Digital Twin. You can print out MRO | ASSIST data as maintenance documentation, provide it as a maintenance plan in Excel or import it in the form of XML data into almost any CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System).

MRO | ASSIST accepts data from ERP and EDM systems. The maintenance data is added on a convenient editorial platform. Components that have been described once are automatically reused.

the details

  • Import of ERP and EDM data as a basis for the Maintenance Digital Twin
  • Automatic creation of maintenance structures (Maintenance Digital Twin)
  • Convenient voice control, interface to Translation Memory systems
  • Varied output options
  • Export to CMMS systems