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Global Asset LifeCycle Management​ in the Cloud

Paradigma develops cloud-based software solutions for the Asset LifeCycle Management​ of machines and facilities. Paradigma solutions link operators and manufacturers, increase availability and lower LifeCycle costs.

Mobile solutions

All the necessary data at all times, up-to-date and available everywhere. A must for anyone who is active in field work, sales, servicing or maintenance. Machine data, service data and documentation in real time on your smartphone. Easy to use with direct connection from back-end systems such as SAP.

Asset LifeCycle Management

Optimize your LifeCycle costs and Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) with ALM solutions from Paradigma. You get information about the how your product is performing with customers. Paradigma ALM solutions integrate seamlessly into existing Industry 4.0 scenarios.

Industry 4.0 requires Maintenance 4.0

Smart objects and sensors deliver status data to LifeCycle Management. Production data provides information about capacity. The current data regulates processes.
In this way, facilities are optimally used, costs fall and quality is improved. This scenario requires modern maintenance concepts such as Condition-based Maintenance and Predictive Maintenance. Paradigma solutions form the basis for Maintenance 4.0 and can be integrated into existing concepts

Smart services

In a connected world, your products can automatically report certain service requests. Your customer would like to submit a service request on their smartphone quickly and simply. Your customers as well as your service technicians are dispersed all over the world. We have developed our service platform MACHINE | ASSIST for this scenario.

International service platform

Warranty Solutions’ idea provides an international service platform where manufacturers in a sector meet service partners to process warranty and service orders. With service partners in Australia, Singapore, Russia or the U.S. Very simple processing, web-based, with no installation on service partners’ computers, is the foundation of its success

Maintenance documentation

Asset LifeCycle Management​ needs data! Modern maintenance documentation is targeted to parts lists with interfaces to the manufacturer’s ERP and EDM systems. It is created at the touch of a button and is tailored to each plant. It is data based for reading by the customer and the manufacturer in the maintenance management systems. This creates competitive advantages and drastically reduces the creation costs.