Asset Lifecycle Management for machinery and plants

The major challenges for manufacturers and operators of machinery and equipment are

  • increase of productivity
  • protection of availability
  • reduction of Total Cost of Ownership.

A precedent condition is the holistic view of the life cycle. From development to sales, design, installation, commissioning, production, service and maintenance through to retrofit and decommissioning.

In each phase data are generated, which are relevant for the entire life cycle. 
Data supply, data migration, the collection and processing of data and the necessary processes are competences of Paradigma Software GmbH.

Especially, during the transit of data – from manufacturer to operator – information is disappearing. Potential capacities are lost, although they are very important for the Total Cost of Ownership.

For more than 10 years, we are engaged in this topic.
 We have already enough experience and know-how, to support manufacturers as well as operators with our software optimally.